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I run day and weekend, workshops and retreats.

(Dates and venues to follow)

Online training and courses are currently in development. 



Connecting and working with your Spirit Guides and Cosmic Helpers

Awareness of “spirits” and “energy fields” has been around for thousands of years and is used as part of Eastern Medicine & Healing with much success. In both ancient and indigenous cultures, Seers, Holy men, Shaman's even Kings and Queens have reached out to spirit guides to reveal the future to  themselves , communities and  tribes.   Today people still connect to a higher awareness in search of guidance and support. The difference in modern days is that we understand anyone can reach out to their spirit guide. On the spiritual plane there are a multitude of beings that are helpful and can serve as our helpers and guides during a physical incarnation. Each of us have specifically assigned guides for the duration of this incarnation these are the guides best equipped to serve us and typically interact with them on a daily basis. The number of spirit guides we have is theoretically limited only by the amount of assistance we seek . Knowing that we have incarnated on the earth plane to live a particular life is one thing following a life plan is quite another. Connecting to your Spirit Guides, gives a constant feeling of comfort, reassurance and connectivity that will drastically alter the way in which you live your life.

Regardless of whether you’re someone who needs scientific proof to believe in something universally present beyond the human body, most of us have had experiences which give us reason to question our traditional conditioning, learning and belief systems often created by some form of dogma or worse, fear. Science and Spirituality are coming closer together every day.

Course start date;to be decided



One Day workshop.

Next date and venue to be confirmed.

An inspirational day to connect to your Guardian Angel and the Archangels.


Typical running times 10 .00 – 16.00.

This one day workshop offers a balanced combination of awareness, healing and meditation which allows you to embrace these wonderful beings of light in a safe and protected environment.

Introduction to the Angelic Hierarchy

Introduction to the Archangels

Angel signs

Activate your Angelic Chakra

Meet your Guardian Angel
Angel numbers

Your Angels are here to help you. All you need to do is ask for the help you require. Find peace and open your life up to more joy and happiness. Learn to communicate easily and receive answers to your questions. 

Cost- £40 per person for a one day group workshop



MANY LIVES Past Life Regression One Day Workshop.

Next date and venue to be confirmed.

A practical workshop designed to practically experience the memory of past lives.

Cost £ 40.00 per person for a one day group workshop.

Typical running times 10 .00 – 16.00.


Ever wondered if you have lived before or if what affect your past lives might have on your current life? Within each of us reside the events and memories of past lives.

Past life regression is an amazing, full-sensory experience.  You might experience the memory as a vivid movie, or see only vague flashes of images that prompt the narrative.  You may hear sounds or recall smells. As the story unfolds, you feel real emotions appropriate to the story.   These physical sensations and emotions are very real in the moment, but pass quickly as you move through the past life story and death.

Past life regression is healing. We all carry memories from past lives into this life–unconscious memories that carry an energetic charge and continue to affect us. These charges from the past set up patterns which are continually triggered and repeated in our present life. These patterns can be positive or negative. They can affect our relationships, behaviours, motivations, and even our physical bodies and health.

By making these memories conscious, we can release the patterns that no longer serve us,.

Past life regression is the process of healing the soul by healing the past.



What is reincarnation

How our past lives impact on our present.

Understanding past life regression.

Group regressions.

Exploring past lives as exercises in pairs.

Making sense of the lessons from previous lives.

Q and A session.

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