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 Readings are carried out via Whatsapp  Skype Zoom or telephone.

Working directly with my spirit guide team who communicate with your guides I channel guidance relating to your current life situation which will assist you to be able to move forward with clarity and confidence in the choices you make for the future.

30 min £35

60 min £60

Past Life Reading

A Past Life Reading is very different from a Past Life Regression session. During a reading I use my ability to see intuitively into the past, review your incarnations & provide insight and  information about them. Lifetimes emphasised in the session are relevant to your current life & will help make sense of present time experiences & beliefs. Past lives are used as opportunities to heal, transform & to help you get clarity and understanding about your current life path. This session stimulates growth & has a positive impact on you now.

A reading may:

  • identify and explain repeated patterns in your life

  • show your focus or life purpose

  • identify and release any trauma that still affects you ie poverty illness war etc

  • help you understand your current life relationships and the dynamics within them

  • partner

  • ex partner

  • parents

  • family members

  • work colleagues

(you may have been enemies, betrayed each other, lovers, soul mates etc. )


Past life Readings are 60min £60

For more info on Meeting your Spirt Guide Team and/or to book any reading press here.

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