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Each of us has a Spirit Guide ‘team’ of four to six Guides that assist us in aligning with our Soul’s highest path and purpose. Your Spirit Guides can include Archangels, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, Animal guides, Fairies, Elementals & Nature Devas, Astral Beings and Light Beings. These Spirit Guides are Souls who assist us in our spiritual evolution. They will help us fulfil our highest purpose in this lifetime. These are not deceased family members but are Souls who have chosen being a Spirit Guide as their current method of Divine Self Expression. They have various tasks which include assistance, inspiration, protection and provide information and guidance.

A Spirit Guide Reading, will give you specific information on who your Spirit Guides are, which can help you to identify them in the future, when they contact you. Along with a full description of your Spirit Guides appearance, personality, soul gifts and name, you will receive information on their role in your life, including the life lessons they are assisting you with, any shared past lives, and the intuitive gifts they use to communicate with you. A Spirit Guide Reading can often be a life-changing experience. Many of my clients have experienced great improvements in their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, after deciding to open up intuitively and connect with their guides to receive guidance.

60 / 75 min session £ 80

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