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Multidimensional Insight, Healing and Self Empowerment.



My Story

I am a natural born contemporary psychic and have worked professionally for over 30 years with clients all over the world from all walks of life. I work in harmony with my Guides who give uncomplicated and accurate images of people, places and situations, allowing me to see the root cause of a client’s current situation, any associated issues and the path it will take. I connect to the past as well as the future.

I am in tune with my healing abilities, which include Shamanic Practices, Akashic Records Soulwork, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Past Life and Ancestral healing. My work empowers my clients through clarity and understanding of the situation and instilling the confidence in their own abilities to clear what is blocking them and to make new choices.


Healing Therapies

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Baby Namings
Bespoke Ceremonies

The role of a Priest or a Priestess is every bit as important today as it was in the ancient world

I am an initiated High Priestess of Magdalene dedicated to the Goddess and a keeper of the ancient ways. I bring Ceremony and healing to you. I connect with the subtle realms and use my natural abilities to channel wisdom and healing. 




An Ancient Science

Working with the Akashic Records,  Shamanic Practices and Past Life Regression.

Healing Past Trauma

Clearing Negative Patterns and Beliefs

Realignment of Mind, Body and Soul

Spiritual Counselling




Readings can be via Whatsapp Skype or Zoom

Working directly with my spirit guide team who communicate with your guides I channel guidance relating to your current life situation which will assist you to be able to move forward with clarity and confidence in the choices you make for the future.

30mins £35

60mins £60



Why would you need a house clearing?

There are many reasons why a property can be affected by misguided energies and even entities and why smudging with white sage is not always the answer. 

I do not have to visit your home. I work with clients around the world, and I use the same techniques to deal with any energies affecting your property or family. I use a combination of remote viewing and consultation with my Guides to gain an understanding of what is happening. How I proceed depends on the level of consciousness of the energies I am dealing with. All clearing work will be done remotely.


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for Christmas, Birthdays & all Special Occasions. Personalised and delivered via email.
Available for 30 minute readings £35
60 minute readings £60

Meet your Spirit Guide Team session £80




Connecting With Your Spirit Guides/Touched By Angels/

Past Life Regression

I run both day and weekend workshops and retreats, at venues as advertised in my events calendar. Online courses are to come.

"the answer always lies within"


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"Validations superb. Lots of info for the future. Thanks Liz for the insight. Appreciate it xx"

"Thanks Liz. Validations spot on. Can't wait for the predictions. Very reassuring. Give her a try absolutely brilliant xxx"

Client 18406 and Client 749

"Just had my first reading with Liz. What a lovely reading! She left me feeling uplifted and positive about the future. She looking into my current situation with great depth and gave me the insit I needed to move forward. Will be returning in the very near future! Thanks Liz xxx"

Client 378

“Liz has helped me so much over the last couple of months. She has kept my head clear, given me insight, helped me see the bigger picture and the other persons point of view. She can tune in straight away and gets right to the heart of it. She is insightful and lovely to boot. Give her a try.”

Client 7890

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